Retirement Planning

Planning for Retirement

When you undertake systematic planning for your retirement early on, you increase the probability that the years after you stop working will be comfortable. One of the best ways to accomplish retirement planning is to work with an experienced elder law attorney who can provide advice targeted to your circumstances.

At the Mount Kisco, New York, Law Office of Neil H. Reig, you can obtain the assistance you need to develop a comprehensive retirement plan. Attorney Neil H. Reig has the years of experience and, together with qualified financial advisors and accountants, has the specific knowledge necessary to help you meet your retirement goals. Contact a retirement planning attorney in Mount Kisco, New York, to address your legal needs. Mr. Reig regularly assists clients from White Plains and throughout Westchester County and surrounding areas. Call his law firm at 914-242-4800.


Goals of Retirement Planning
  • Most clients have similar concerns — concerns that Mr. Reig works to address:
  • Protecting the house and other assets
  • Remaining in a position to transfer property to loved ones without burdening them with excessive taxation
  • Determining whether your estate plan is up to date and revising or drafting a will or trust as needed
  • Using vehicles such as traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401(k) accounts to save for retirement
  • Ensuring that your beneficiary designations are consistent with your estate plan
  • Answering questions about gifting and asset transfers
  • Determining whether an irrevocable living trust or other type of trust is appropriate
  • Preserving your retirement plans in the event of an illness requiring long term care.
  • Coordinating Estate Planning and Retirement Planning


Because Mr. Reig is a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer, he will ensure that your retirement plans and your plans for your estate are coordinated. These processes should not occur separately because one affects the other in critical ways.

People with significant income during retirement, whether from trusts or defined benefit pension plans, should work with a retirement planning lawyer who is also highly knowledgeable about estate planning. This will give them the opportunity to protect as much of this income as possible for their own futures or the future benefit of their heirs.


Knowledgeable Estate Tax Law Attorney in Westchester County

The fluidity of estate tax laws and gift tax laws can make effective retirement and estate planning challenging for families of considerable wealth. Mr. Reig stays abreast of the changes in state and federal estate tax laws in order to maximize asset protection and preservation for his clients and their families.

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