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For over 13 years the Mount Kisco, New York, Law Office of Neil H. Reig has been dedicated to assisting individuals and their loved ones. Contact him to learn about his services, or review the practice information below.


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Powers of Attorney / Advance Health Care Directives: These documents name someone who can make decisions for you should you become unable to do so.


Medicare and Medicaid Planning: These government programs are complex and require a knowledgeable guide.


Guardianships: These may be appropriate if your loved one is unable to care for himself or herself or make decisions about financial matters.


Estate and Lifetime Planning / Wills and Trusts: Take steps now to document your plans for your assets so they will be distributed as you wish.


Estate and Trust Administration: We represent executors, personal representatives, trustees and heirs (distributees and beneficiaries) in matters related to estate and trust administration.


Retirement Planning / How Do I Protect My House?: We help people determine the best way to preserve their assets, including their retirement plans, houses, cars and valuable possessions.


Special Needs Planning: We help people develop plans for special needs children and vulnerable adults when their families can no longer care for them.


Home Care, Assisted Living & Nursing Home Options: If you are like most people, you would prefer to age in your own home. However, the time may come when that is impractical. Planning now for that possibility can save both money and anxiety. There are ways to protect assets in a crisis and even after an admission to a nursing home facility.


Long-Term Care Issues: Understanding what options are available for long-term care and planning before you need it is a great gift to yourself and your loved ones.


Probate and Trust Litigation: No matter how well you plan, problems may arise with a will or trust. We can help resolve disputes related to probate of wills as well as trust administration issues.


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