Powers of Attorney / Advance Health Care Directives


Prepare for the Unexpected

By executing a power of attorney, a health care proxy and a living will, you can provide trusted family members or friends with instructions for the time when you might not be able to instruct them yourself.

Attorney Neil H. Reig, of Mount Kisco, New York, helps clients develop powers of attorney, health care proxies and living wills. He will help to ensure that all possibilities are considered and that your loved ones have the authority and the instructions they need to provide you with the type of care you want. Contact him to get started. Call 914-242-4800.


Why Execute These Documents?

There are two primary reasons to execute documents such as powers of attorney and advance health care directives (health care proxies and living wills). The first is peace of mind — you know that your affairs will be handled as you want by a person you trust. The second is to relieve your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions about your end-of-life care; you have already made these choices.


Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney allow you to designate an individual to handle your affairs related to property and finances. In practical terms, the person with your power of attorney may be authorized to pay your bills, manage your retirement accounts and transfer your assets for estate or Medicaid planning purposes.

New York recently amended the statute governing powers of attorney by requiring, among other things, that the appointed agents sign the document and acknowledge their fiduciary obligations. The preparation of a valid and effective power of attorney requires the assistance of a knowledgeable elder law or estate planning attorney — the provisions of the law are not always clear.


Advance Health Care Directives

A health care proxy allows you to designate an individual to handle your affairs related to health care. A living will provides instructions to your family, caregivers and health care agents concerning the choices you have made for end-of-life care and other medical treatment. For example, such documents may contain a DNR (do not resuscitate) order or indicate the type of hospice care you wish to receive.


Contact a Knowledgeable Lawyer

For assistance with powers of attorney and advance directives, contact attorney Neil H. Reig in Mount Kisco, New York. Call 914-242-4800.

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