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Planning for long-term care can spare your family stress and uncertainty. For most people, undertaking such planning requires consideration of Medicare and Medicaid options. At the Law Office of Neil H. Reig, clients learn about the benefits available under the provisions of Medicaid and Medicare laws.

Mr. Reig provides clients with information about applying for Medicare and Medicaid, changes in laws, eligibility, disqualification, appeals and penalties. He helps clients understand the options available to them under these programs.

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Medicare and Medicaid: The Basics

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that covers most people over age 65, people with kidney failure or long-term kidney diseases, and people who are disabled. Almost all of the elderly population in the United States receives Medicare benefits.

Medicaid is a federal and state program that pays medical expenses for people who cannot pay on their own. Generally, Medicaid covers low-income pregnant women, children and parents of eligible children, as well as financially qualified people who are blind, disabled, elderly or in need of nursing home care. Many people never need Medicaid. However, a catastrophic or long-term illness can make Medicaid essential.


Medicaid and Medicare: Why Plan?

You are in a position to do your family a great service by learning about your care options before you need them. In many instances, you will be able to preserve your assets for a healthy spouse who will remain at home and for future generations. In other instances, you will be able to receive the full care that you will need without bankrupting yourself or your loved ones.

Medicare covers short-term skilled nursing needs in the home or in a skilled nursing facility. It does not cover long-term care, whether in the home or in a facility. Mr. Reig can explain what is included in Medicare and help you plan for those services that are not covered.

Medicaid covers long-term skilled nursing needs, both in-home and in a facility, as well as many other services that are not covered by Medicare. To be eligible for Medicaid, a person needs to meet specific financial criteria. Attorney Reig can explain the requirements and help you learn how you may be able to protect your assets, especially your home and your retirement plans, and still be eligible for Medicaid benefits that can cover some forms of long-term care.

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Preserve Your Assets, Protect Your Family

A consultation with attorney Reig about Medicare and Medicaid will include an evaluation of your financial situation. He will explain estate planning tools, such as irrevocable trusts and   special needs trusts, that can help protect assets for the next generation. He will discuss the limits and restrictions that apply in both programs.


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