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Sound Legal Advice About Medicaid Eligibility and Qualification Planning

Medicaid is a needs-based health benefits program that covers health care treatment, preventative care, hospital services, medications and certain long-term care services. Medicaid can become a critically important benefit for families coping with the demanding needs of a loved one in need of long-term care assistance. Nursing home care in Westchester and throughout the northern Metropolitan area can cost upwards of $13,000 per month and, therefore, over $150,000 per year. However, proactive planning can save families hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-term nursing home costs and other health care expenses — preserving legacies and wealth for future generations.

At the Law Office of Neil H. Reig, clients receive comprehensive information and advice about Medicaid eligibility, Medicaid application requirements and Medicaid appeals procedures from an experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge in New York Medicaid eligibility laws. Attorney Neil Reig represents clients and their families from the White Plains area and throughout Westchester County and surrounding areas.

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Mount Kisco Attorney — Medicaid Qualification and Planning

In order to be financially eligible for New York Medicaid benefits, an individual must:

  • Be a current resident of New York.
  • Meet the income limit. As of January, 2011, the maximum monthly income for an individual who is blind, disabled or over the age of 65 is $767. These amounts are adjusted annually. There are higher limits for a married couple.
  • Meet the resources limit. As of January, 2011, the maximum amount of resources for an eligible individual is $13,800, excluding certain assets. The resources amount and exclusions are also adjusted annually. Again, there are higher limits for a married couple.

Mr. Reig can explain how, through the use of a "pooled trust", you may be able to qualify for Medicaid home care benefits even if your income or assets exceed the limits. He can also explain the special protections given to a "community spouse" married to a spouse residing in a nursing home. 


Preserve Your Assets With the Help of a Skilled Medicaid Planning Lawyer

Attorney Reig stays apprised of the changes in New York Medicaid rules and regulations. This enables him to thoroughly evaluate your financial situation, explain which assets are exempt from inclusion and identify methods of planning that can help you become eligible for Medicaid benefits.

In addition to assisting you in the Medicaid qualification planning phase, Mr. Reig offers thorough advice regarding the meticulous Medicaid application requirements and can represent you in a Medicaid fair hearing or in an appeal of a denial of benefits or decision affording fewer benefits than you need.


Contact a New York Medicaid Planning Lawyer

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