Long-Term Care Issues


Helping With Long-Term Care

When you have the assistance of someone who has made elder law and long-term care issues a focus, you can make informed decisions about your options.

Neil H. Reig, an experienced long-term care attorney in Mount Kisco, New York, has helped many individuals and families cope with degenerative diseases or disabilities and understand what options are available to them. Clients also learn about paying for long-term care. Mr. Reig, has lectured on a variety of elder law issues, including long-term care. He will offer you sound advice based on extensive knowledge. Contact attorney Neil H. Reig for any issue related to long-term care for yourself or a loved one. Call his law firm at 914-242-4800.


Facing Long-Term Care or Nursing Home Needs in Westchester County? Attorney Reig Can Help.

Medicaid planning. Many people do not understand their benefits under Medicare and Medicaid. Mr. Reig will help clients plan for the eventuality that they or their loved ones may need Medicaid benefits to pay for their long-term care. He addresses the complex issue of protecting assets while planning for Medicaid eligibility.


Aging in place. Long-term care does not always mean entering a nursing home or assisted living facility. In fact, most elders would greatly prefer to stay in their homes, a concept known as aging in place. Long-term care also can include in-home services that can help with the tasks of daily living. Attorney Reig will provide clients with information about support services in the community, such as geriatric care managers and adult day care centers, that can accomplish the goal of remaining at home.


Identifying funding for long-term care. Some people may not know that Medicaid is only one way of paying for long-term care. People can save — a kind of self-insurance. They can also purchase long-term care policies and make arrangements with family and friends. Many people eventually use more than one source of funding as they become less able to handle the details of daily life. As a knowledgeable Mount Kisco long-term care lawyer, Mr. Reig will help clients review their options.


Contract reviews and more. Many issues related to long-term care are a matter of exercising due diligence. Mr. Reig will review contracts, insurance agreements and other documents that are a significant part of establishing long-term care.


Contact an Elder Law Attorney About Long-Term Care

It is important to seek outside advice and counsel when grappling with long-term care issues. Making decisions about what is best for an aging loved one is difficult. Attorney Neil H. Reig has the experience and knowledge to help you make the best choices possible about long-term care. Contact elder law attorney Neil H. Reig at 914-242-4800 for skilled advice and representation. Located in Mount Kisco, New York, the Law Office of Neil H. Reig assists clients from White Plains and throughout Westchester County and surrounding communities.

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