Advice From Lawyer Neil H. Reig About Guardianships

A guardianship addresses issues that arise when a person of any age is unable to make his or her own health care or financial decisions. The person may be a senior suffering from dementia, a younger adult who is mentally or physically disabled, or a minor child.

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Learn About Guardianship

When you meet with attorney Neil Reig, he will explain the different types of guardianship and help you determine what is needed in your circumstances. His guardianship clients include elderly people, their adult children, parents of vulnerable adults, parents of minor children, and anyone who is wondering how to secure the future of a loved one. Prior to instituting a guardianship proceeding, Mr. Reig will help you explore other, preferable alternatives, including the execution of powers of attorney and health care proxies. You will understand all of your options.


Who Needs Guardians?

People require guardians for a variety of reasons, including these:

Advanced age

Mental incapacity caused by Alzheimer's disease or other form of dementia

Mental retardation

Developmental Disability

Physical incapacity

Being a minor child



A guardian of the person ensures that the individual's personal care needs are met. A guardian of the property ensures that the individual's property and finances are protected and properly managed.

The powers of guardians vary. Some guardians are granted broad powers designed to govern virtually every aspect of an incapacitated person's health care and finances. Other guardians are afforded only limited powers designed to meet narrow needs or specific tasks, such as the creation of a supplemental needs trust on behalf of a disabled beneficiary for purposes of securing immediate Medicaid eligibility.


Involvement of the Incapacitated Person — Required by Law

In all cases, New York law mandates that an incapacitated person must be afforded the greatest amount of self-determination and independence. In some cases, proposed guardianships are not appropriate; attorney Reig represents individuals contesting the appointment of guardians.


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