Estate & Trust Administration


The death of a loved one is stressful in so many ways. You may be called upon to develop knowledge of areas that you may have never thought about before. That is why you should have experienced legal counsel to assist with winding up an estate or administering a trust. Attorney Neil H. Reig, in Mount Kisco, New York, represents and advises executors/personal representatives, trustees and heirs (distributees and beneficiaries) in matters related to the administration of an estate. Clients value his sound advice on the many legal issues that arise after a death.


Comprehensive Representation and Counsel During Probate

The estate administration process often begins with submitting the will to probate. There are numerous tasks that must be managed to ensure that the probate process is smooth and efficient. These include:

Submitting the will and other required documents to the probate court

Petitioning the court to allow administration if there is no will

Advising family members and heirs about income and estate tax consequences

Notifying heirs and explaining provisions of the will, especially when unexpected bequests are made

Paying bills and taxes of decedent

Identifying and appraising the value of assets

Marshalling assets on behalf of the estate

Selling assets

Distributing property according to provisions of the will

Accounting for costs of estate administration and probate


Although most estates go through probate without significant delays, disputes occasionally arise. Our firm represents clients in matters such as will disputes, contested accountings and breaches of fiduciary duties. We also advise heirs about matters such as protecting the family home or minimizing taxation in the future. Whether your matter is simple or complex, our firm provides knowledgeable and supportive representation. We help people understand their options and implement their decisions.


Trust Administration

Many people use trusts as a way to eliminate probate costs, ensure privacy and protect assets. We advise people named as trustees or fiduciaries and our clients count on us for knowledgeable legal counsel that allows them to carry out the wishes of the deceased.

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